Blue Tribe is production studio focusing on creating visual content for galleries and artists.


With our reputation in creativity and excellence, we can help you plan and produce the visual content you need. 

We are prepared to take you from the beginnings of a concept to a sleek, engineered result, whether it is an exhibition promotion, an artist presentation or an artwork documentation.

Along with our team and a network of affiliations across the globe, we can help you create a successful result.

Our team


Kostas Synodis

Kostas is a producer and visual artist. Having worked in many film projects for artists and galleries he also worked as a director of operations at a London based contemporary gallery.

Alicja Rymarowicz

Alicja is a freelance Director and Editor, with years of documentary and commercial experience. She has had the opportunity to work for numerous British artists developing films that truly reflect their artistic vision. Her documentary works have been screened at international film festivals and featured in publications such as The Fader, CLASH, Atwood Magazine and VEVO

Jędrzej Nyka

Jędrzej is an illustrator and designer. Having worked for a prominent London based gallery for several years in the past, he is also experienced in working with contemporary galleries and artists. He offers all-round visual and production support at Blue Tribe.